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Dunham's Lawn Care is proud to support nonprofit organizations and is passionate about serving our youth. The Dunham's Lawn Care Educational Award was established in 2018 in conjunction with a nonprofit organization called The Future Begins Today. The Dunham's Educational Award was designed to award a $500 scholarship to students interested in pursuing post-secondary education in the fields of environmental sciences, business, or attending Wright State University. Students who are selected for TFBT Club are also encouraged to apply. Congratulations to the following winners:

2018 - Isaiah Purves

2019 - Keegan Webb

2020 - Randi Frazier

2021 - Grace Reed

2022 - Katie Robinson

2023 - Jack Kleinhenz


We are excited to announce our 1st annual Dunham’s Lawn Care Community Outreach Program! This contest aims to give back to our community by providing landscaping services worth up to $1,000 annually to a deserving nonprofit or individual. Please review the following rules and guidelines before submitting your application. Please select the button to view the full contest rules and guidelines. 

Community Outreach Flyer.png

Please submit application information in the registration form below.

Dunham's Lawn Care's Community Outreach Application

Thank you for your application!

*Our selection committee will review all applications based on criteria such as:
Impact of the landscaping project on the community or individual, creativity and innovation in the proposed project, and feasibility of the project within the $1,000 budget. The winner will be announced in July and notified via email or phone. Estimate and project to be scheduled as determined by Dunham’s Lawn Care.


*Project Implementation: The landscaping work will be scheduled and completed, as agreed upon between the winner and Dunham’s Lawn Care. Our team will provide all necessary materials and labor for the project within the $1,000 budget.

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